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Welcome to the Official Ferrymen website...

The Ferrymen were a Irish/Scottish celtic band based in Perth, Western Australia. Our recordings were produced in Roleystone by Organic Productions.

Jarrah-CeltsIn Nov 2014 we stopped playing as the Ferrymen. Today we are playing in a larger collection of players in a band called The Jarrah Celts.

The Ferrymen started in 2008 with Ian and Kevin, who soon found Chris. We played our first regular gigs at the Elizabethan Village Tavern in Bedfordale - our local tavern - just at the time publican Warren bought the idle pub. Warren's saying at the time is "It is so quiet I could shoot a canon in here".

So we played every Friday for a year, honing our musicianship, drinking lots of pints and having a jolly good time. Word got out about the mighty craic and people started coming. Grant came down for a play, and shortly after, joined us as a full member of the band. It got so packed in that wee pub that we had to play outside, and it was a challenge for the Staff to clear the patrons at closing.

After a while we flew from the nest and were invited to play at Festivals and Taverns around Western Australia. We have also had the delight at playing at many weddings and celebration parties. Its has been a fantastic journey of music, good times and friendship.

The Ferrymen were...

Ian Walker
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ian is the lead Vocalist and Guitarist. (2008-2014)

Chris Horgan
Chris was born and raised in Perth, but lived in Ireland for a few years with his Cork and Dublin family. Chris plays the Irish Wooden Flute, Whistle, Uilleann Pipes and Bodhran. (2008-2014)

Grant Black
Originally from the UK, Grant plays the Mandolin and Celtic Tenor Banjo. (2009-2014)

Kevin Poppen
Originally from India, Kevin is a master on the Acoustic Guitar and sweet harmonies. (2008 - 2009)


Chris 0439901932
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Listen and buy our CD online here...

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